The Culture

No matter what your role is, if you're part of Retedys, you're an asset to the Company. We pick and choose carefully every team member to match the culture we want to establish as an organization, as a team, as a growth machine - only to make sure there will always flourish a sense of positivity in the air.

And the Benefits!

We believe that most productive work outputs are only the fruits of a comfortable work place and Retedys aims to provide a lot of extra benefits to it's team.

Flexible Work Hours

Revolutionizing with just 7 hours of work per day and a 1 hour break! What's more? You can opt-in for an in-house lunch delivered everyday!

DND Weekends

Tough work/life balance? You can nail it at Retedys - A complete Do-Not-Disturb weekends is something you'll love to choose us for.

Milestone Incentives

Our unique target-based work style encourages us to reward the employees that reach and maintain milestones per week, and we love doing that!

Work from home?

Despite the fact that work place is considered a second home, and we do try to maintain that feel all the time, we also encourage employees taking in WFH as long as a whole week in a month!

Top it with leaves

Our employee-first leave policy is the winner when it comes to choosing Retedys over any other tech company. Talk to us and find out why!

Lastly, professionally rewarding!

What's more comforting than a work-place that offers you all the benefits PLUS an extraordinary growth opportunities! Come join us and together we will create wonders!

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